My name is Kate Rosenberg,

I'm a photographer and artist living in Northern New Jersey.

In 2009 I was living in Manhattan and the dogs ruled the city. From every stoop, street corner and park, they were everywhere. The mutts to the pure breeds, big, small and everything in between. It was at that time I decided to combine two things I loved so much; animals and art. So I started "Dog City Photography" a niche form of photography. 


In my 10 years experience I had photographed everything from products, fashion, sports and family portraits..but nothing like animals. So I posted on Craigslist *FREE pet photos* to build my portfolio. The response was overwhelming, people jumped at the opportunity. I used my 700 square foot apartment, set up a backdrop and the rest is history. The images I captured were not only fun, energetic, vibrant portraits of peoples companions but they told a story all their own. 


I've been working as a photographer on and off for over 20 years now; that "off" time being a big chunk of history called having kids. But I'm finally back at it and I'm excited to pick up where I left off.


Giving Back

Many of the dogs I photographed over my years in NYC were rescues.

My work has allowed me to give back to a community of animals in need with free foster & shelter animal photos. These portraits are a true representation of who they are, seen in a positive new light, which helps them get adopted.  

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